Why we love our church...

Why I love Congregational UCC
Why I love Congregational UCC
Why I love Congregational UCC
Why I love Congregational UCC
Why I love Congregational UCC
Why I love Congregational UCC
Why I love Congregational UCC
Why I love Congregational UCC
Why I love Congregational UCC

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

Our Easter Sunday worship service ended with a tradition at Congregational United Church of Christ: the congregation placed flowers on the cross in front of the church. But the resurrection of Jesus is not the end of the story - it's the beginning. To find out what the risen Christ can mean in your life today, join us next Sunday for worship at 11:00 AM. All are welcome!

Visitor's FAQ - You Are Welcome Here

Congregational United Church of Christ is a warm, welcoming congregation that is always happy to receive visitors. To help you feel as comfortable and at-home as possible when you visit us, we've put together some information on what the Congregational experience is like, including what to wear, nursery and Sunday school hours, the worship service, communion, and more. Please note that Congregational is wheelchair accessible.
» Click here for our Visitor's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our Sunday Schedule

Join us this Sunday for worship, Sunday school, or both! And if you want to share fellowship and refreshment after the service, join us for coffee hour in our Fellowship Hall (just follow the crowd to get there!). All are welcome. Worship is at 11:00 a.m. Most Sunday School classes meet during the school year but are on break during the summer.
» Sunday school classes   » Directions to the church  » Contact us with any questions

UCC Challenges North Carolina Marriage Laws

On Monday, April 28, the General Synod of the United Church of Christ filed a lawsuit against Officials in the State of North Carolina, arguing that the state's marriage laws violate the First Amendment rights of clergy and the principle of "free exercise of religion." It is believed to be the first-ever lawsuit by a national Christian denomination challenging a state's marriage laws. For those United Church of Christ clergy interested in conducting a religious marriage ceremony for same-gender couples, these clergy could be subjected to up to 120 days of jail and/or probation and community service if found guilty, since North Carolina marriage laws define and regulate marriage as being between only a man and a woman. As lead plaintiff in this lawsuit, the United Church of Christ asserts that these laws are unconstitutional and violate a minister's First Amendment rights.
» Click here to learn more about the case

CUCC Sermons

The Congregational United Church of Christ Sermons page has a growing collection of sermons from Julie Peeples, our Senior Pastor, Paul Davis, our Minister for Christian Education, and other guest preachers. You can listen to any sermon directly on the page by simply clicking on the small play button to the left of each sermon title. If you want to download a sermon to your computer, you can right click on the sermon title and save the sermon's MP3 file. You can also subscribe to the sermons as a Podcast!
» Click here for the Sermons page

Men's Prayer Breakfast

The Men's Prayer Breakfast meets every Friday at Oakcrest Family Restaurant at 7:30 AM to share a bite and conversation. The line-up varies from week to week as schedules permit and no one has an assigned seat. The food is average to good, but the conversation is exceptional. Topics from spirituality to motor oil are heard over the rattle of silverware. » Click here for more info and a map to the restaurant

Women's Fellowship

All women in the church are cordially invited to join the Women's Fellowship and a Circle and be an active participant in our church's ministry. Come and share your gifts, enjoy toe fellowship and help accomplish the mission.
» Click here for more info on Women's Fellowship and Circles

An Open Letter to Pastor Sean Harris from The Rev. Julie Peeples

This is an open letter to Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC. The long campaign over Amendment One has resulted in many strong partnerships, new friendships, and a greater sense of community among those who remain dedicated to working for equality and justice for all. Sadly, it has also resulted in many negative and mean-spirited messages, including an hour-long sermon by Pastor Harris in which he advocated violence against children, encouraging parents to hit and punch their children for showing any tendencies toward being "effeminate" or "too butch," in his words. Though he later apologized for his word choice and said he was using hyperbole as Jesus did, his sermon, like others of his, was filled with derogatory speech which amounts to emotional abuse and a misuse of his authority. I felt compelled to respond.
» Click here to read the open letter to Pastor Sean Harris

UCC Stillspeaking Daily Devotional

The United Church of Christ offers free daily devotionals that are delivered to your e-mail inbox each morning. Each devotional focuses on a verse or two of Scripture and comes with a reflection and a prayer. The reflections are written by a variety of authors. To sign up, simply click on the link below.
» Click here to sign up for the devotional

Extravagant Welcome, Justice, Peace, and Faith

God is still speaking, The United Church of Christ is a blend of four key traditions - Congregational, Christian, Evangelical, and Reformed. Each of these traditions has left a mark on U.S. religious and political history, and together we have a history of more than three hundred years of extravagant welcome, justice, peace, and faith. To get a birds-eye-view of the UCC, look at UCC Firsts on the United Church of Christ website. For more in-depth information about our denomination, start exploring from the UCC home page.

StillspeakingMoney Electronic Contributions

Electronic transfer of your contributions for the general operating budget is simple and easy! StillspeakingMoney is the automated giving program of the United Church Of Christ which allows you to authorize automatic deductions from your checking or savings account and funds will be transferred electronically to our church account.
» Click here to learn more about electronic giving

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